The goal of "Be A Computer Scientist for a Week" is to expose high school students from Grades 10 and 11 (ages 15 to 17) to science and in particular to computer science. The focus for this camp will be the exploration of the role of the computer scientist in group problem solving. The student will not only be introduced to computers and programming but this introduction will be within real life application area like robotics in the camp called AI & Robots in Space, video game programming in the camp called Game Programming Guru, or medicine in the camp called Medical Computing.

This is a free event for students with the following abilities:

  • strong Math, Science and other computer-related skills;
  • able to work well with others;
  • creative
  • interested in participating;
  • available for the week.

Students attending this camp will be exposed to the McGill campus and atmosphere. They will see what equipment we possess and what skills we have. They will have a curriculum tailored to their skill range.

The daily camp schedule will be divided into four units, two morning and two afternoon units. The two morning units will be lecture based while the afternoon units will be lab and project based. Students will learn by themselves during the morning but will work in groups during the afternoon.

The morning units will begin with a special keynote speaker. This will either be a professor from McGill or some external visiting speaker. The keynote speaker will present the theme for the day using an audiovisual presentation and talk. The purpose of the talk will be to inform and cause excitement. After this the students will continue with a classroom lesson focused on the material they will need to acquire for the day.

The afternoon units will be organized around the "Research Group". Each group will have 2 to 3 students. The selection of groups will be changed daily to maximize the interaction between students. The groups will be selected randomly. The afternoon will focus on team problem solving. The research group will, as a unit, solve a series of progressively more difficult computer problems within their selected real life domain.

Student working on Computer.

Research groups will function from Monday to Wednesday. On Thursday the students will be organized into "Competition Teams". A competition with prizes will be held on the last day of the camp (Friday). These teams will be randomly selected and will contain 5 to 6 students. These teams are assembled on Thursday and will continue into Friday's competition. The Friday morning lecture units will be converted into Labs to give these teams additional time to develop their program for the Friday afternoon competition.

The weeklong experience ends on Friday, after the competition, with prizes and a BBQ. Parents and teachers can attend the BBQ if they want. Prizes are handed out in 1st, 2nd and 3rd positions for each camp.

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